I am an experienced Art Director working in the video games and digital media industries. Areas of expertise include:

Artistic/creative direction +
Cinematic direction +
Video editing +
Rendering & compositing +
FX production +
3D Asset creation +
Art management +

Technology pipeline design +

For an overview of my work please take a look at my showreel (Flash required) you can also download a high res version by "right clicking" the icons below and selecting "save as" to download.

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27th October 2009: No updates from me on this site for a while as I've been very busy running my new company, Atomhawk Design Ltd, which I founded with some of the best talent from Midway back in August. Please check out the company website www.atomhawk.com

14th July 2009: Well its all over. Today Midway closed our studio down, we (directors group) expected it to happen eventually if a buyer wasn't found but we didn't expect it to close so quickly. We're all gutted as we had so much to offer and I feel so sorry for the team, such a bad ending after we worked so hard to ship Wheelman against the odds :(

3rd July 2009: You have probably all read in the games industry press and financial papers that Midway is trying to find a buyer for the Newcastle studio to raise funds in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We are working hard to make Necessary Force and awesome product for our next prospective owner.

12th June 2009: I've been pretty quiet this last couple of months as we have been working on a very exciting new IP and due to the situation at Midway we are now able to tell the world what it is. Check out www.necessaryforcegame.com

25th March 2009: Wheelman has been released and the first wave of review scores are in!



5th March 2009: Wheelman is now available as a demo for download on Xbox live to gold members.

25th February 2009: I will be speaking at this years THINKING DIGITAL at the Sage in Gateshead on the March 13th. More info here

12th February 2009: The Art of Wheelman features in this months 2D Artist. Click logo to read article.

14th November 2008: Wheelman website is now live! here

3rd November 2008: Burn Zombie Burn for PSN and XBLA has a new website up and running, this was the last project i worked on at Kuju (now Double Six) and I provided the pre-pro art direction. Its starting to look like a fun title

24th October 2008:
Wheelman "Bringing it home" game play trailer available here

01st September 2008: Wheelman "Introducing Benito" game play trailer available here

25th August 2008: Wheelman Leipzig game play trailer available here

20th August 2008: This week I will be at the Leipzig game conference promoting Wheelman. So if anyone wants to meet up i'll be on the Midway stand sporting my bright Red Wheelman t-shirt :)

30th July 2008: Unfortunately a private link on my site relating to a project for PS3 Home I did last year, was leaked to the press and so I have removed the page. For more information click here

17th July 2008: Wheelman E3 preview interview shown on g4Tv. To see the show click here

1st July 2008:
The new website is now up and running with an expanded art direction section and flash videos! I will also be adding tutorial and reference sections soon which can be accessed through the login section.

18th April 2008: Its now confirmed, I will be presenting at the Develop conference in Brighton this year. My presentation will be called "Before polygons and pixels" and is about the use of traditional art and film techniques in game development.

17th April 2008: Midway held the "Gamerday" event and Wheelman has been shown to the press with a hands-on playable build.

15th Feb 2008: I am now a member of the SkillSet education advisory board in the North East. For more information on our objectives check out the SkillSet website here

5th Jan 2008: I will be presenting a talk at the Baltic Center in March sponsored by Codeworks about "Getting into the industry" aimed graduates seeking a career in games.

19th August 2007: I am very pleased to announce that I have a new job as Art Director at Midway studios in Newcastle, working on their new Hollywood venture....The Wheelman!

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